Monday, September 19, 2011

9 month Stats

9 month stats
Weight: 21 lbs. 14 oz
Height: 29.5 inches

Great report today at the doctor! She said you are perfect!
I saw a collage like this on another blog and thought it would be neat to put up! My how you have changed!
 Click the picture to make it larger!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Renovation Realities

With the market like it is, and not really liking any other area to live in, we decided to stay right where we are and make this home our dream home. Over the past couple of years, we have had our house up for sale a couple of times. We even had house plans drawn up so if our house sold, we could build a new one. Well, the economy is shot, very few houses are selling, so we opted for Plan B and decided to build on and put in a pool here. I am perfectly okay with that. I really love where we live. But, JD always wanted more room, a media room, etc. So we got together with an architect and had plans drawn up to make this place into what we wanted. Things started right after labor day and have moved so quickly. I haven't had any time to take pictures until today. So here is the progress so far. Sheet rock is suppose to be hung sometime this week.

The pool! I can't wait for it to be done and for next summer! I think it might be a little cold right now if we tried to swim!

 Looking from the old garage, which is now going to be a game/play room, into the new garage.

 Upstairs, above the new garage. Going to be a media room eventually.

 Standing in the media room, looking at the bedroom.

 Storage area in the garage. There will be double doors to hide our junk!

 New garage area
The worse part about construction is all the mess. I can't wait for it to be done, just so the outside of my house will not look like a construction area and my floors inside will stay clean (well cleaner)!

Brooks ~ 9 months ~ September 15, 2011

Well I am actually doing this post on the week you turned. You are napping right now and I am taking advantage of it. You go tomorrow for your 9 month check up. Can't wait to see how much you have grown!
 Oh my goodness, could you be any cuter! I don't think so!

 Pictures this month we quite entertaining. You did not want to sit still at all!

 You are wearing 12 to 18 months clothes and size 4 diapers. You have definitely outgrown almost everything in your closet! Thank goodness for good friends who have boys just a bit older, or you might have had to run around naked!

 You have become a crawling, climbing, pulling up machine! There is pretty much not any where you can not get or go! You are so fast! We have to keep almost all the doors in the house closed just to keep you out of the rooms!

 You haven't really added any new words to your vocabulary but you are actually saying words and know what you are saying. You have also learned to shake your head No, No when we say it. You love to do that. You also say "Shu, Shu" when I change your diaper.

 You are starting to get tired of baby food, so we have introduced some more real people foods to you. Spaghetti, gold fish, animal crackers, cheerios, peaches, pears, pretty much anything you can grab and put into your mouth your self. You love to feed your self.

 You are growing and changing every day. I am cherishing each moment spent with you because I know how quickly it is going to go.

 God gave me the most precious, best baby in the world. It's crazy to think, this time last year we were getting ready for your arrival. Getting the play room cleaned out, your nursery stuff set up, and now this year, here you are 9 months old.

 You have rocked our world, but in the best way imaginable!

 I can't wait to see what God has in store for us and for you!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wooooo Pig Sooie!

Have I mentioned we are huge Razorback fans. Have I mentioned that this year not only is our favorite Paige cheering on the Hogs but Greenwood's very own Tyler Wilson (aka Allie's brother - one of our favorite babysitters) is quaterback. We bought tickets with several friends and headed up the hill for the first Razorback game of the season! We were all so excited! And ready to Call Those Hogs!

 Tailgating before the game

 Me and my love!

 JD and Keith
 Enjoying all the great food
 Playing corn hole
 We found Allie!!!

 Tyler giving his mom a hug
 Taylor getting "five" from Tyler and his teammates

 Inside Bud Walton Arena
 Grace had to have her a Hog nose!
 Enjoying the game

 Kids still having a great time at the end of the game
 Isn't he handsome!
 After the game with our favorite girls!

 Brooks stayed at home with MeMa and PaPa. But we brought him home this outfit. Because no matter what - we are always BEHIND the Hogs!

Pittbull Kickoff 2011

So, I must be the worse mom ever because I didn't get but one picture from Kickoff this year. And here it is, Taylor and Abby!

Aren't they cute! They have been friends/boyfriend/girlfriend since they were babies!

First haircut ~ August 25

 I can't believe you need a haircut already, but being born with so much hair and not really losing any had created a long shag. So we made the appointment and got your hair cut.

 You did awesome. You didn't cry at all and you even sat in the chair by yourself.

 Look at momma's big boy!

 So handsome!