Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy 13th Annniversary!

Today, 13 years ago, I married my best friend. We have definitely had our fair share of ups and downs but the ups have carried us through. I feel so blessed to be the wife of JD. He is the best husband and father any one could ask for. We have our quirks but they are what make us the couple that we are. The trials we have been through have made us stronger than ever. God has a special plan for us and  I can't wait to see what it is.

Beach Vacation - Last Day :(

We were all sad that our last day at the beach had finally rolled around. None of us were ready to head home. But, we were determined to make our last day our best. And we did!!!

 We almost thought rain was going to dampen our last day too!

 I absolutely love this view and can't wait to go back!

 One last nap on the beach.

 Brooks face planted in the sand! Thanks DAD!!!

 Crawling around playing while mommy packs.

 One last crab hunt

This is the last picture taken as we loaded up to head home. It was 6:15 in the morning. We arrived home at 8:00 p.m that evening. Everyone was very ready to be out of the car!!!

I love my family and JD for this great vacation. So many wonderful memories were made that our kids will cherish as they get older. I can not wait for the next one. Paige and Allie have already signed up as nannies again. I guess we weren't that crazy after all!

Family Beach Pictures

We didn't want to wait until the last night to take our beach pictures just in case the weather/kids didn't cooperate. Taking pictures of three kids, on the beach, after a full day, was not easy. We got some interesting ones, and so that I photoshopped!

The Good Ones

 I cannot say enough good things about these two girls. Paige and Allie are so precious and special to our family. I absolutely love these girls and can only hope that Grace grows up to be half of what they are. They are beautiful girls on the outside. But that is not what makes them beautiful to me. Their souls are beautiful and amazing. I feel so blessed that they are apart of not only my life, but my family also.

Here are some of the bad ones!

Beach Vacation ~ Let the good times keep coming

I can not say enough about what a fun time we had on this vacation. The kids did awesome, it was so great to have Paige and Allie as extra hands, and everything was perfect. The weather did finally clear up and we enjoyed some nice days on the beach and at the pool. We worked in a little shopping, site seeing, and just over all fun family time. Warning: this one is picture overload.

Day 2 on the beach: the sun is out, and boy do they look good!
Beach life is so rough!

I mean really rough!


I love, love, love going out on the beach in the late afternoon when the sun is setting. This is probably my most favorite time out there.

Yes, people, I let her watch my children.

Sporting our Razorback attire on the beach.


Our condo, the Dunes at Seagrove
One of my favorites!

 Dinner at The Old Fish House

 Painting our platter at Fired Up in Seaside. We loved how it turned out.

 Brooks hanging out while we painted.

 Having a little chicken fight one afternoon at the pool.

The next pictures are from our favorite night out. We went in to Sandestin to Baytown Wharf. Definitely an awesome place to visit. We had so much fun!

 The girls at Hammerheads for dinner.

 Miss Allie giving Grace a piggy back ride down the pier.

This was our dinner at Hammerheads. It was amazing!!

Wrapped around his finger.