Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holy Moly!

Five posts in one day! Can you say I am a little behind. Where in the world did the month of October go? This is my favorite time of the year, but man are we busy. time has flown by and we now only have about 4 1/2 weeks until Brooks' arrival. That is if he doesn't decide to make his entrance early. Seems like just yesterday we were in total shock and surprise to learn we were expecting #3. But today, we can not imagine what it would be like it we weren't. The nursery is 99% finished and now I just need to get Christmas shopping out of the way and we will be good to go! Not sure how the whole Christmas shopping will work being over 8 months pregnant. I may be doing a lot of online shopping. My plan is to go next weekend and attempt to get most if not all of it done, we will see how long I can last though.

As the year seems to be flying to an end, I am starting to look back on all that has happened. It is amazing how life can change so much in a year. So much has happened to our family - good and bad. I feel blessed every day for each amazing thing God has done in my life. I know that everything that has happened, has happened for a reason, and are all part of a bigger plan. My prayers are that as each day goes by, I remember and treasure what the Lord has given me, comfort for those that need it, and hope for tomorrow.

Fall Sports 2010

Both kids have been involved this fall in sports - Taylor with Pittbulls and Grace with soccer. Pittbulls ended a few weeks ago and soccer ends next weekend, so we will get a little break!

Fall 2010

We have been up to so many activities over the past month, that would definitely be one of the reasons for my lack of posts. So today's posts are out of order and definitely late, but at least I am finally getting them on here. October has brought so many wonderful memories for our family. We have visited a local pumpkin patch with our new Sunday School class, carved pumpkins at home, kids school parties, and took a trip to visit my nephews resting place. All of the activities and adventures have been wonderful and blessed in so many ways. This post will definitely be picture overload!

 Grace's school party

 Carving pumpkins for Halloween

 Taylor's school party

 Taylor and his teacher, Mrs. Jones

 Hunter and Dustin's final place of rest

 The Buffalo River

 Wild Things Farm - who knew it would be 90 degrees this day!

Brooks' Baby Shower

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful amazing women in my life right now! On Sunday, October 24, they hosted a baby shower for me, and to say the least I was overwhelmed. Brooks received so many wonderful things! We are anxiously awaiting his arrival, and after the shower, we are definitely ready!

Halloween 2010

This post is quite overdue but I wanted to get it on here anyway. The third annual Aishman Family Halloween party was so much fun this year. Each year gets a little bigger. I think in all we had over 60 adults and kids! It is so much fun to get so many people together to socialize, watch football, eat, and then take the kids on a hay ride to trick or treat. I opted out of the hay ride this year. By the time that part of the party rolled around I was give out. Eight months pregnant and a party are a little much but it was definitely worth it.