Thursday, August 26, 2010

That didn't take long!

Well we knew it wouldn't take too long, but I didn't expect it on day 4! Grace got moved to blue today! For playing chase in the classroom with a boy! With Taylor, I know the second he gets off the bus if he got in trouble at school or not. Not Grace, she comes bopping down through there and says "Oh I got a blue today." Like it was no big deal! When I asked her what for, she said "I don't know, I didn't do anything." Taylor would have already spilled his guts and I would have all the details. Not Grace, she kept acting like it was no big deal and kept saying "Let's just not talk about it." So I have to read the folder to see what the blue is for. And Taylor the whole time is talking about how much trouble she is going to be in. With this being her first offense, we just talked to her about the rules and made sure that she understood what she did wrong. Hopefully, this does not become a trend! If so, this will be a long year!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Five posts in one day! Am I behind or what!

The month of August has flown by. Back to work, back to school, cleaning out, painting - you name it and we have been busy. Taylor has also started football practice and games will begin before we know it. I love fall though! I love football season and cooler weather - and boy do we need cooler weather! I don't think in the past month it has been below 100 degrees for more than a day or two! Hopefully we will get a break from the heat soon.

I feel like with everything we have been doing I haven't had time to do much of anything. Back to work full time, football practice in the evenings, and just trying to get things going on the nursery have plum worn me out! But for the next 4 months, I don't see much relief in site. I don't know if it is the pregnancy, our schedule or both combined, but I am one tired chick! Hopefully we will get in some sort of schedule and I will not feel so tired. I remember with my other two pregnancies during this time frame I seemed to have more energy, but not this time. I am making it though and starting to get more excited every day.

Brooks is really moving around a lot. More in the evenings and late a night than any other time, hope that schedule doesn't continue outside of the womb! I had forgotten how amazing it is to feel this tiny being moving inside of me...honestly after Grace, I didn't think I would ever feel it again, but it is God's reminder to me that he is in control and he has a reason for everything. We are really having fun getting things ready, and the kids are getting so excited. I am almost 23 weeks and can't believe that it will all be here before we know it!

Back to School 2010

Back to School 2010...Taylor begins 3rd grade and Grace begins kindergarten. I still don't know where the time has gone. Taylor was not excited about going back to school...he doesn't want to "have" to wake up (though this is the child that doesn't sleep past 7:00 a.m. anyway) and Grace was so excited to begin kindergarten. I really didn't think I would get too emotional with her starting kindergarten, I had already been through it once with Taylor, she had been to preschool for two years, and she is our independent child. But as the time came to walk her down the hall to her classroom, a big lump welled up in my throat. With just a little misty eye from me, she marched into that classroom like she owned the place. She was a little bummed that she on went on Thursday and doesn't go back until Tuesday. Taylor on the other hand thought it wasn't fair that she only had to go one day and he still had to go. But, both really enjoyed their first day and I feel like this year is going to be a lot of fun and full of memories. I am so excited with the teachers they both got and get wait to see what all they learn!

Arriving outside his classroom!

Grace meeting up with her friend Taylor who is right next door.

Grace with Mrs. B - she already loves her!

The great cleanout begins...

With school getting ready to start back and seeing that our weekends are about to get busy too,  I decided the great cleanout should begin. After church, we headed home to start getting everything out of the play room so that we could begin transforming it into the nursery. Boy was this an undertaking! But in a matter of hours, we had most everything cleaned out, and reorganized into the kids' closets. To say the least it was no small task. Once the closet in the nursery was rid of toys, games, and a hodge podge of things, JD and Bud worked to revamp the shelves and so that we could had rods to hang clothes on. The next weekend, I managed to get everything painted, rods hung, and finished - in the closet. The room is coming along as well. We have the bed put up, the changing table/dresser combo put together, and a glider added. I have ordered a canvas with Brooks' name on it from Angela and can not wait to see it. Curtains will be added this weekend and then I will begin to look for other decorations to add to the walls. Not sure what else I want to do in there yet, but we have an excellent start and I feel like over the past two weekends we have accomplished a lot! Here are some before and after pictures! Little embarrassed by the mess!

Play room as the clean out was in progress!

Play room before!

Toys and games moved to Taylor's room.

Grace's room during clean out!

Play room done for the day...still a little to go!

Closet before shelves and wall were painted.

Taylor's closet after!

Grace's closet after clean out.

Baby bed put together and bedding added.

Glider and changing table/dresser

Closet is done!


Love me some PF Changs!

Headed out to the Promenade to do a little back to school shopping and eat at my favorite place...PF Changs!

Follow the yellow brick road...

During the last weekend in July, we loaded up on a Thursday afternoon and set out for a short "mini vacation" to visit family in Kansas. We have tried three different times to go visit over the past year or so, but something always happened (stomach flu, frozen pipe, etc.) that prevented us from going. So JD and I decided that it would be best to not really tell anyone where we were going or what we were doing. We just loaded the kids up and kept them guessing. They have wanted to visit Aunt Kim for so long, we didn't want anything to get in the way. We set out on our little adventure and after a bathroom stop in Sand Springs, thought our trip had possibly been jinxed again! JD couldn't find his wallet. We knew he had it in Roland when we stopped to get gas and snacks but now we couldn't find it anywhere. After much digging and with phone in hand, about to call the gas station, we found the wallet, wedged down in between the seats! Thank goodness!

After 7 long hours in the car, we arrived around 9:30 p.m. in LaCrosse, Kansas - home of Aunt Kim, Uncle Dean, and Marshall. The kids were so excited! We spent four days at their home and enjoyed every minute of it! Here are some pictures of our adventure to a museum in Hays, KS. Taylor had been to the same museum when he was a baby.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Little Singer

This is the day....

Twelve years ago yesterday, I married my best friend. I didn't get to post yesterday because we were traveling home from a mini vacation to Kansas. So I am a day late, but still wanted to make note of it. On our unity candle, it reads "This is the day I marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, Love." That still holds true. Though we have had our moments, those moments have made us the couple that we are and we are better for them.

Where in the world did twelve years go? Looking back, August 1, 1998 seems so long ago. So much has changed. So people probably wonder, is this where you saw yourself back then. What's funny, I don't think you can ever imagine what your life will bring. I know what I hoped it would bring, and it has. I have a beautiful family, with two kids (and Oops on the way!), a loving husband and father, and a relationship that has grown, changed, and matured. What more could a woman ask for?

The past twelve years have made us the couple that we are...though flawed as I feel every couple is, we are stronger today than we have ever been. God has lead us to the place that we are, and he has been there with us every step of the way.

On this day, twelve years later, I married my friend, that I laugh with, live for, dream with, and Love more than I did yesterday!

(Sorry for the quality, I don't have a scanner at home, so I took these with my phone!)