Sunday, July 18, 2010

Really Shouldn't Complain

I know I really shouldn't be complaining, I have had over 6 weeks off of work, but I am. I DON'T want to go back to work yet! I am trying to sike myself up to get ready for this week long workshop that I have to go to starting tomorrow. I don't know how I am going to make it. I am so use to being able to sit down and rest in the afternoons if I need to, I am sure I will be worn out each evening. But, on the bright side, I may sleep a little better if I am so tired.

We are still trying to decide if we are going to take the kids somewhere for a weekend this summer. We had planned on it but time has gotten away from us. We decided to fore go the big vacation this year after Grace's hospital stay (which meant hospital bills), and also Baby Surprise. Our plans of going camping also feel through when it decided to get so hot in June. I just don't see myself "roughing" it in this heat! So we will see what the next couple of weeks bring. Hopefully we can get a quick get away with the kids so they felt like they did something this summer.

We still do not have a name for Baby Surprise, or Baby Oops, as JD puts it. We are really starting to get excited though. I have really been able to feel him move a lot lately, and we have started to buy a few boy things here and there. I am starting to get ideas for the nursery and we hope to start on that soon. You know me, I can't wait to start a project. I would have the nursery done now if I didn't feel like it was too soon! Some of the names that we have agreed on that are on our list are Ty and Brooks. The last couple of days though Ty is just not feeling right. I kind of like the name Ryan also, or I came across Rylan which I thought was different and kind of cute. Who knows! I guess one day it will just come to me. The kids are ready for us to pick a name, they ask almost everyday if we have decided. Of course, they don't have any good suggestions either! Taylor says Godzilla or Snake, wow, couldn't you just imagine those two as names! I do hope to have a name in the next couple of weeks. I will keep looking and taking suggestions!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where did my summer go?

I am starting to get depressed. My summer is almost over! I have this week off, then a week long workshop, followed by one more week off and then it is back to work full time. Two weeks, really is that all I have left? I am so not ready to get back to all of it. But, I guess it is inevitable so I better start getting ready.

This past week has been full. I don't think we spent one day at home during the day. Monday was probably the most relaxing day. All we did was go to the pool and swim for a couple of hours. After that, we were gone and busy every day. On Tuesday, my sweet friend let us take another sneak peek. Being almost 16 weeks she said that we should be able to tell whether it is a boy or a girl. And BOY could we! It didn't take long to figure out it was a BOY!

It is always so much clearer on the screen while they are doing the ultrasound. But, I still think these are pretty good.  So the famous question started almost immediately, "What are you going to name him?"  With Taylor and Grace will pretty much knew before we went for the ultrasound what we were going to call them if they were a boy or girl. But, with Baby Oops, as JD is now calling it, we didn't have a clue and still don't really. We have a list and right now the only two names we both agree on are Brook or Ty. We both really like Brooks Patrick Aishman but we still like Ty also. So who knows. Hopefully we will decide soon, my OCD will not allow me to wait too long!

On Wednesday, I had a doctor's appointment. This is the one where they take what seems like an enormous amount of blood! Hopefully all the tests will come back good. We also got to hear the heartbeat and he was running from the doppler. Just about the time Dr. Muylaert would find the heartbeat, he would move so he would have to find it again. I think Dr. M is still thinking it is a girl because he keeps saying the heartbeat is fast. I was too chicken to tell him I already knew, I wasn't sure how he would feel about that. We made our next appointment for August 5th and they will do their ultrasound that day. After my doctor's appointment, my friend Teresa and I waited around for KK to get out of her doctor's appointment and then we had some much needed girl's time. We had lunch at Rolando's and then did a little shopping. And yes, I did buy a few boy outfits! They are so cute! Speaking of KK, she delivered baby Hudson on Friday. He is so cute! I can't wait for Hudson and Baby Oops to be good friends!

I have started to buy things for the kids to go back to school. Grace and I went shopping on Thursday and bought both kids backpacks. Before we know it, it will be the first day of school, so I thought I would get a jump start.

Friday was a bittersweet day. I guess you can say this week was the first of many firsts for our family. Monday was the month mark for the boys passing. And on Friday, July 9th, Dustin would have turned 12. I know he had one amazing party in heaven! Happy Birthday Dustin! You are missed here on earth but your memory will live forever!

I am enjoying my lazy weekend. I should be cleaning right now as it looks like a bomb has gone off in my house. I have started many tasks this morning but have yet to complete any. Guess I should get busy, but I would really rather just sit around and watch tv, but knowing me I won't. Grace and I are hanging out this afternoon while JD and Taylor are at the movies. Guess I will enjoy my final two weeks of freedom!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun on the Lake!

Well, yesterday was the only day I managed to have a camera and actually get pictures, but we had a fun filled 4th of July weekend. Saturday morning did not start as planned. We woke up to lots of rain, so instead of heading down to the Freedomfest, we decided to go see my grandma instead. We had a nice lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon looking through her garage at all the old stuff we use to play with. It was a lot of fun and the kids had fun too. I just wish I would have brought my camera!

As we headed home, the rain was stopping so we decided to head to the square to let the kids play for  a while. We weren't sure how long the rain would hold off so we wanted them to go play some of the games before it started again. I must say the town really did a good job this year with all of the games, vendors, and music. The kids had a ball and we even toured the jail museum, log cabin, and school house. We headed home to rest before going back out for the fireworks show, which was awesome! Grace did good as long as we covered her ears! She hates loud noises! Again, I so wish I would have remembered to bring my camera, but I didn't!

Sunday morning brought us a new pastor at church. We were really surprised how many people were there considering it was a holiday weekend, but church was pretty full and the new pastor had a wonderful sermon! I look forward to hearing him some more! The it was off to the lake for some fun in the sun! Thank goodness one day out of the weekend was pretty! And I did manage to get some pictures of the kids today! Grace rode the jet ski and tubed for the first time. She loved it! She kept yelling for JD to go faster! Taylor had a blast also on the tube and jet ski! Between that and swimming, we had some worn out kids by the time we got home! We didn't even buy one firework this year! It wouldn't have mattered if we had, they were both sound asleep before it even got dark!

I may have some more pictures to post later on. Pam, my cousin's wife, took some too and I am sure they are much better than mine!