Sunday, April 25, 2010


That pretty much sums it up. This past week was so hectic. I don't think we were home at all this week. With two playing baseball, karate, and tumbling, it definitely is keeping up hopping. Friday night began the wild and crazy weekend with us taking the kids to Spring Fling and then working. Because of the rain, all the outside stuff was crammed into the gym which made it a mad house! But, we did our duty and worked our shift - just really glad that is over! Things have been so busy, I forgot to even take my camera to take picture of the kids having fun!

After Spring Fling, I headed back to FS to work on decoratin for Prom. As sponsor of the junior class, this is one night a year that I have to stay up way to late, I am just not as young as I use to be. It just about does me in. But a two and a half hour nap today has sure helped! Today luckily has been pretty uneventful. Thank goodness. I am going to need kicks into full gear this week with both kids playing two games each!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

While Daddy's away!

JD left Thursday for a fishing trip in Texas, so it was just me and kids for three days. Friday night after batting practice, we headed back to Greenwood for some yummy Chopsticks and the rented some movies and ice cream at Sonic. We had a lot of fun! Here a some pics from Sonic...quality is bad because it was dark and they were taken with my phone!

Grace waiting on her Sundae

Taylor getting ready for his Sonic blast!

This does not happen often!

Saturday moring was so good! I got to sleep in and then we got around and went to get more movies and stuff to make homemade pizza and banana splits. After a good nap while it was raining, and cleaning the house, the kids and I made delicious pizzas and splits. I really enjoyed the lazy day at home and realized that sometimes we just need those. Especially after looking at how our weeks are about to get so busy with baseball. Here a a few pics of the kids making their pizzas and desert!

Grace trying to be patient!

Spreading on her sauce

Adding their toppings

Before going into the oven

The finished product!

Yummy banana splits!

All in all is was a great weekend! So glad that JD is home now! Gearing up for another crazy busy week! I think I will take another nap today!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring has sprung!

This post is way over due! We were so busy this weekend! Been trying to play catch up all week it seems like. But I absolutely love this time of year! It is my favorite. I love all the beauty of the plants and trees in bloom (although my allergies could do with out), I love baseball, and I love the feeling that summer is getting so very close! This time of the year is so hectic, but so much fun!

Friday started the weekend off great. After Taylor's batting practice in Fort Smith, we headed to Marketplace to eat with the McAlister's and had a really good time. Woke up Saturday morning to meet my dear friend Shannon. We have not done anything together in years - I mean years - but thanks to Facebook, have reconnected and now hopefully will continue what we started. Shannon and I were inseparable for the better part of junior high and high school. If we weren't staying at my house then we were at her house. It was so good to catch up and spend some time together again. Her husband is deployed to Afghanistan right now. I know that must be hard, and I can't imagine what they are going through over there. After lunch at Cheddar's, I headed back to town to get my hair colored. I went darker in the fall but with spring and summer coming on, I just couldn't keep it. So back to blonde I went. I really like it better anyway! I don't feel as old! After my morning and afternoon to myself, I headed home to work outside! Friday night, we stopped at Sharum's and bought a bunch of flowers and plants. I replanted the pots I have on my deck and the ones by my garage and then went to work on weeding, mulching, and planting all our other beds. Everything looks so much better now!

Pot on the deck. Hopefully everything will grow. Copied this off of one at Sharums!

Pot by the garage

Corner bed by the garage. I need to repaint my bird bath!

Flower bed out front by the road! 72 vinca planted!

Oh girl! Posing for the camera!

Front beds with new mulch. So ready for the plants to grow!

Bed down the side of the house

Climbing rose bush on the back of the house!

My babies!

Princess Grace

Love me some Taylor

First bloom on my double delight! It smells wonderful!

New wreath for the front porch. Was suppose to go on my
door but it is so heavy it won't stay. I like it on my bench too though!

That's about it for the past week and weekend. Both kids went on Monday to establish care with a new pediatrician and we LOVED her! All of Grace's blood work came back good too! We are so thankful that she is all better and healthy again. Gearing up for baseball season now. With two kids playing, holy cow, are we going to be busy. Pretty much the only night during the week we will have open is Wednesday and that is if JD doesn't schedule practices for that night. I pray he doesn't!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh How He Loves Us...

What an amazing weekend! The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had so much fun with our family. Friday evening, I did not think this was going to be a very good evening. I had battled the same cold/allergies for over two weeks and this week it got worse. Being gone two days at the beginning of the week with FBLA and working late Thursday night with CAP conferences about did me in. The coughing progressively got worse as the week wore on and by Friday, JD said "you need to go to the doctor." So I after my birthday dinner at my mom and dad's house, I headed to ProMed. I am not a fan of shots, but the allergy shot the doctor gave me on Friday was pure gold. I felt so much better over the weekend. So hopefully it will continue. As I mentioned, my birthday was Friday. 35, I can remember my parents being 35. I am getting OLD!!! Nothing eventful happened this year, and I am okay with that. Just another year, another year closer to 40! And only 15 years until I am 50! Holy Cow!!!

After the downpours on Friday, we woke up Saturday morning to lots of fog. But, we headed out to the church's Easter egg hunt and pancake breakfast. The kids had a lot of fun and came away with too much candy!!!

After the first egg hunt, we were off to Fort Smith to do a little shopping and then to my mom and dad's house for lunch and another egg hunt. My mom always out does herself with food and this year was no exception.

All of the grandchildren, minus one - Lexi

Hunting eggs

With all her loot

Hot and sweaty after running around searching for eggs

Stopping for just a second

Going through all her eggs

Counting to see how many he found

Easter morning

She loved her dress

Not wanting his picture taken

Lunch with Grandma Helen

Blowing bubbles

Getting ready to dye our eggs

Easter Day itself was uneventful for the most part. JD went out to Spiro and picked up his Grandma and we took her to church with us and then fixed a delicious lunch. She had so much fun watching the kids play, blow bubbles, and fly their kites. She was so happy and seemed to have loved her day. I am so glad we got her and had her spend Easter with us. It was truly a blessing.

At our service, I was reminded by the song "Oh How He Loves Us" how lucky I am and how truly blessed I am to have my family. The service was so good this morning and the music was outstanding. We are so lucky to have a Saviour who gave so much for us!