Friday, August 29, 2008

The end of the second week of school has come finally! It's our first break, oh how I love three day weekends! JD and I are headed up the Hill tomorrow for the first Razorback football game. I am starting to get excited. I love to watch football, whether it be Greenwood High School or the Arkansas Razorbacks! Taylor seems to really be enjoying first grade so far. He got to go to the BIG fair in Greenwood today with his class. Other than being really hot, he had a good time. He was excited because his MeMa got to meet him there. Grace is loving preschool as well. She has already seemed to change from my little baby to becoming such a big girl. Her personality sure is something else! She keeps us going never knowing what she will come up with next!

I just finished watching Barack Obama's speech from the DNC last night. I watched it on YouTube. You know, the man makes some good points. I haven't heard McCain speak yet, so I am not making up my mind just yet. I don't put to much into the Presidential stuff until they can finally tell me who the candidates will actually be. So now that we have our choices, I plan to pay a lot more attention. I feel that the USA needs a change, hopefully our country can pick the right man for the job.

Well, this is my first post. I am sure my life is not interesting to most, but I do like to put thoughts out there and share things about my family. So we will see if I keep this going or not!